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Tiger Swallowtail
(Papilio rutulus)

Caterpillar hosts: Leaves of cottonwood and aspen (Populus), willows (Salix), wild cherry (Prunus), and ash (Fraxinus).
Adult food: Nectar from many flowers including thistles, abelia, California buckeye, zinnia, and yerba santa.

Tiger Swallowtail butterflies are most often found around woodlands, near rivers and streams, wooded suburbs, canyons, parks, roadsides, and oases.

Education At The Gardens
Every year, hundreds of Sonoma County schoolchildren visit Miss Hallberg and her Gardens to learn about the life cycle of our local butterflies. Docents guide small groups through the trees
Visting Schoolchildren
    Fall colors and visiting schoolchildren
and meadows, telling the story of the place. Kids learn to look for the life around them: tiny eggs on soft new leaves, fat caterpillars chewing and creeping through the vines, the elegant chrysalids hidden in plain view, and, of course, colorful butterflies sailing the breeze in search of nectar or a place to lay eggs. In the process, the importance of habitat and the interweaving of species come to light.

An Awareness Of Nature
While visitors may witness the wondrous metamorphosis of the butterfly, even more important may be the their own transformation as they experience a new awareness of nature. There is magic in the Gardens and schoolchildren, especially, are quick to find it. Sometimes it's dramatic: a monarch on the milkweed or quail Quail on the path as they round a corner. Other times, the magic is the secret places, the tangled nooks and crannies where the earthworm, garden spider and squirrel can be found.

Varied Interests
Birdwatchers, lepidopterists, photgraphers, gardeners and historians all have interests at the Gardens. Through the local junior college, Hallberg Butterfly gardens sponsors a work-experience internship. Many people in the local community enjoy participating as volunteers or visitors, helping to spread the message of habitat preservation.

By sharing the knowledge of butterflies and providing for their habitat, we seek to promote and inspire the appreciation and conservation of the wonders of nature.

Birth of a Monarch
 Birth of a Monarch
The Passion for Nature
Through her home and her butterfly stories, Louise has shared a passion for nature with many children. Their wonderful letters and drawings reveal that the seed has been planted and it is growing. Louise also brings a slide show, lecture and lore to schools and clubs around the county, educating and fascinating people of all ages.

We have a unique opportuninty to instill a reverence for all living things and take advantage of this through our continuing connection to Oak Grove school. In both Spring and Autumn, classes come to meet Louise and explore her garden.

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