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Purplish Copper
(Lycaena helloides)

Caterpillar hosts: Docks (Rumex),
and knotweeds (Polygonum) in the buckwheat family (Polygonaceae), cinquefoils in the rose family (Rosaceae).

Adult food:
Flower nectar.

The Purplish Copper butterfly usually can be found in disturbed areas such as roadsides, open fields; wet meadows, marshes, streamsides, and valleys

Development Team

Greg Sterne - Project Manager
Manages the work flow of the project. He makes sure deadlines are met, the client is happy, and the team is communicating effectively. This role involves strong organization and management skills. Greg may also be asked to pitch in on HTML or graphics if someone on the team falls behind.

Anne Grace Baker - Designer
Responsible for creating the look and feel of the site. Anne creates the initial design and HTML coded template, as well as: navigation, backgrounds, logo, client photos, or stock art. She coordinates the color scheme, selects font, determines image placement, and has final review of all page layouts.

Courtney Turman - Content Developer
Gathers the content for the site from the client, analyzes what content goes on each page, places the content into the site according to the designers template, adapts the client's content to fit withn the designer's template, checks the pages for typos and grammatical errors, and loads the files onto the Web.

Dan Carte - Programmer
Creates Perl, Java or Javascript code for project. Dan may be asked to create online forms which will send email, write to a web page or a web database. Dan needs to work in cooperation with the designer to insure their forms and output of their scripts matches the look of the site. They may also be asked to setup Paypal, a domain name or locate an ISP.

SRJC Program
The Web Development Training Program at Santa Rosa Junior College stresses the use of Web Technology to solve business problems.

The college offers certification in Web Design, Java, Perl, ASP, PHP, Javascript, Project Management, XTML and Content Development.

The program stresses a practical "hands on" approach, students are placed in teams where they work on web sites for non-profit groups in the community.

In addition to technical skills we stress the "soft skills" of teamwork, problem solving, communication and time management.

For additional information please contact:
Santa Rosa Junior College
Web Development Training Program

Linda Hemenway, Coordinator
707-527-4855 lhemenway@santarosa.edu

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